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​ Headphones

​I want to buy some headphones to wear when I have a migraines. I have done a ton of research online and can't figure out what to buy.

Some say that noise canceling is good others say there worse.
The headphones range from $20 - $250.

Any body have some suggestions ?


  1. How about the headphones road workers wear when using pneumatic drills? They've gotta be pretty effective! I'm going to look into those.

    I currently use Mack's silicone moldable earplugs for kids and they are very effective if I jam them in my ears - against the instructions. I often leave them in after naps so I can ignore my squabbling teenagers. 😉

    1. I tried an industrial pair but they squeezed my head too hard.

      I have ear plugs that block some of the sounds. I will look for the silicone ones. Thanks for the tip.


      1. Hi Kareninatree,

        Thanks for your post! The following article provides lists of self care tips and techniques for managing symptoms while experiencing an attack - It suggests using Bose Noise Canceling Headphones. Perhaps you will find those helpful. Hope you're having a lovely day!


        Meaghan ( Team)

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