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Neurostimulator implant surgery.

From one of our community members:

Please visit my blog to read about my 17 year battle with chronic migraines and how I regained control of my life in Dec. 2012 with a Neurostimulator implant surgery.

  1. Hi Steph,

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us - interesting reading!


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for sharing. I'll check out your blog. I got my life back to with my Neuro-stimulator implant surgery in July 2013. I live in California and flew to the Reed Migraine Center in Dallas to do the trial and then the permanent. My insurance didn't cover any of it. I am so happy I did it. It was worth every penny. I would love to see insurances cover this for others that are still suffering and can't afford the trial. It's amazing!!!

      1. I couldn't get all the blogs but I'm wondering did you ever get your stimulator fixed?

        1. Does anyone know of a doctor doing the implants in the Washington DC area?

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