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12 week long migraine

New here; the wife has seen every specialist and had every test (MRI, MRA, scans, Lumbar Puncture, blood work...etc) and all have come back negative as if she had no issues at all. Yet she has a non-stop migraine for the last 12 weeks not (NON STOP...not even a day without one).

I have seen other threads at other site from folks who suffer for years every day with no relief! I have not seen that here thus far. So I am wondering if anyone here has that issue, advice, help.....please help.

  1. Hi skiplaulie,

    I'd like to welcome you and your wife to the discussion forums! I wonder if there is any way your wife can come on and read in the forum too?

    I'm not sure if it will make you feel better, but currently migraine is not diagnosed by a test, MRI or blood work. Migraine is diagnosed by a complete neurological exam with a doctor, a review of the patient's medical history and the family's history and review of her symptoms.

    Another problem we can get into without realizing it because we just want the pain to go away, is if we take migraine abortive migraine medications such as triptans or any kind of pain relievers whether they are over-the-counter or prescription more than two to three days week called medication overuse headache or moh. Here is information on how to avoid this problem;

    I'm pretty sure your wife hasn't seen every specialist and I wonder if she has seen a "true" migraine specialist. A migraine specialist is board certified in headache medicine by the United Council of Neurological Subspecialties or UCNS not just a doctor who says they are a 'headache specialist' and treats headache. Let me share some information with on this topic; and

    I hope this helps, let me know, OK?

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks for replying.
      Yes, my wife went through every test possible and saw every specialist (as described in my original post). It was a true nightmare so I understand all you are going through.

      HOWEVER, we now have our diagnosis. We were at our wits end and went to see an ENT even though we knew she had no sinus issues. This particular ENT though happened to work with a Neurologist who specializes in migraines and other type issues. She seems a lot of his patients via referral and said in about 3 minutes to my wife "you have occipital neuralgia." As we were not sure to believe such a simple diagnosis as this is not her field of work, she made a call and got us to see a PT (Physical Therapist) she know works with the neurologist's patients, got us right in and he then pressed his finger on the back of her neck on a nerve and said the same thing. Her pain went away instantly when he pressed. He then in turn called the actual neurologist for us and got us right in and they did the same thing, diagnosed her and simply said they see this all the time and it is easily overlooked by many professionals.

      While it will take a bit of time for the headaches to go completely; as it needs a series of injection to relieve the nerve pain in conjunction with phys therapy, at least she is either headache free of has a minor normal headache on any given day sine (has been over a week now). Soon, the nerve will be healed right and the phys therapy will keep her in check as not to damage it again.

      I know there are folks who have regular migraines with no rhyme nor reason, but this something I think anyone who suffers from chronic migraines should look into. Not to say they all have this issue, but since it is so easy to overlook, maybe a few of them out there do and it is something that can be treated and the pain goes away fully.

      Thanks for writing Sarah. I hope you have some headache free days soon.


      1. Hi Paul,

        I'm glad to hear you've found an answer for your wife. Will you keep us posted on her progress?


        1. Hi Sarah,

          Welcome to the discussion forum! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Chronic migraine is no fun at all. Let me share some formation with you that may be helpful;

          Keep us posted on how you are doing, OK?


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