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advice for severe needle phobia

I still have daily headaches and weekly migraines on my current preventative meds. Multiple neurologists have suggested that I try botox or aimovig, but I have a severe needle phobia. Every time I have to get a shot my anxiety levels shoot through the roof the night before so that I can't sleep or eat, by the morning of and by the time I'm at the doctor's office I'm crying, trying not to hyperventilate, and in so much pain from the inevitable migraine that hyperventilating until I pass out actually sounds appealing. This isn't something that I can push-through by clinging to the idea that one of these treatments might succeed where years worth of other options have failed. Has anyone experienced this level of needle phobia and still managed to attempt these treatments? If so, how did you do it?

  1. I don't have needle phobia (I' very sorry you are dealing with this.)

    I know at dentist's offices, they can sometimes give a one-time sedative or anti-anxiety med in advance of needing to perform dental work. Would that be something that your neurologist might be willing to consider?

    Of the two options, botox versus aimovig, needle-wise, aimovig is going to be a lot easier. It's one injection for 70mg, two for 140mg, and your doctor or a family member could give it to you in the leg or arm while you covered your eyes. Honestly, I don't even find it painful. (make sure to let it come up to room temperature!)

    Botox is 31 shots, given all around the face, scalp, and shoulders. It's not bad, honestly... but it's 31 shots vs. 1-2, and you have to relax your face while they're targeting the right muscles. Personally, I find some of the areas more tender than just the arm/leg, if pain is a concern, not just needles.

    But definitely, if you can find a way, these are the two therapies that have helped me more than any other.

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