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Aimovig in the UK...

Anyone from the UK tried Aimovig?

My neurologist prescribed it to me and said it will take 5-6 weeks before it's delivered to my house. Also there will be nurses who demonstrate how to inject it or they'll phone me to discuss it.

Is this the proceedure you were given?

  1. Hi
    Thank you for reaching out to our community with this question. Not being from the UK, I don't have any insight into how things work. Hopefully others will be in shortly to share their insights with you.
    In the meantime I'm reaching out to someone I know in the UK who may have some thoughts on this.
    I'll be back asap! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. @kayeff,
      While we are waiting for someone in the UK to respond, I will share my experience. I am in the U.S., and I can tell you that a nurse did come to my house to show me how to administer the dose. I was able to get my medication much quicker than 5-6 weeks. I'm sorry you are having to wait so long. I hope this medication is helpful for you.
      Peggy ( team)

      1. thanks for the reply. Did the nurse do anything else while they were there, like check blood pressure or discuss anything?

      2. @kayeff,
        No, the nurse only showed me how to use the device. She didn't check my vital signs. I was impressed by how helpful it was.
        Peggy ( team)

    2. Yep. That's how mine went

      1. Hi
        I am in the UK and have had 2 doses of Aimovig. Hospitals may differ but my hospital does not demonstrate how to administer the injection. It referred me to a video on the Aimovig website and it is really very straightforward. I was a bit nervous but it is really nothing to worry about. Hope you get it soon.

        1. thank you very much for your kind words. My neurologist said if Aimovig doesn't work we'll forget anti-cgrp and move on to something else. He offered a beta blocker or trying flunarazine again at a lower dose. I ordered some migralens glasses so I'll see if they help at all.

        2. I hope the new glasses give you some relief. You might ask your doctor about some of these other CGRP options (if you're interested in them) as we've heard so many others having success with one after failing with another. Either way, it does sound like you have a good partnership with your doctor where you are continuing to try various approaches along the way. Wishing you the best in finding relief or a decrease in severity and/or frequency of attacks. Thinking of and here for you- Holly ( team).

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