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Stop other meds for Aimovig?

For those of you who have tried aimovig, did you have to stop all other meds such as over the counter drugs and or triptans?

  1. Hi there! Confirm with your doctor as we cannot provide you with medical advice, but I wanted to share a link to our Aimovig forum page as you certainly may gain some good feedback from the numerous members that have shared their experiences with Aimovig. Good luck! -Joanna ( Team

    1. I will share - I kept, and am still taking, my preventatives along with the shot. My doctor wanted to see how the shot worked for me and if it stopped my headaches we would discuss halting my preventatives. The shot worked the first month, placebo effect? But my migraine numbers have slowly increased since then in the months following. I don't know if I need to increase dosage to 140 or stop all together...

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