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Aimovig vs. Botox

I just had my 4th Botox session. It has helped some but I still get 1 migraine a week. Wondering if anyone has tried the new drug Aimovig over Botox. I’m getting frustrated and just plain tired of the pain. I think my migraines start from my neck, very tight neck and shoulders. Erg.

  1. Hi 4jene4,

    I just had my Botox injections today. It took about three rounds before I noticed a decrease in migraine attack frequency and severity. Migraine pain can be debilitating and frustrating, we understand and are here for you.

    It doesn't have to be one drug or the other. My doctor said today that both can be taken together, and he is a board certified migraine/headache expert. I'm still on the fence about taking Aimovig.

    I did want to mention Botox is not a cure, and we still need to be vigilant about our migraine attack triggers. I'm not sure how many migraine attacks you previously had, but a 50% reduction is considered to be a success. Of course one migraine day is too much....

    We're not exactly sure what causes migraine attacks, but neck pain can be a symptom and also a trigger, I know it is for me.

    Thank you for sharing and let us know how you make out,

    1. Nancy,

      You said it takes 3 rounds of botox to notice results from decreased migraines. When I started on botox, the Nurse Practitioner for my neurologist who did the injections told me I could expect to see results as soon as after the second shot. Of course, I switched to a new neurologist and was a couple days late in getting my second shot due to scheduling issues. Anyway, it may be the third shot where it kicks in for me. I've been having to rely on my rescue pain meds due to my headaches lately, but hopefully things improve over time.


    2. You are correct regarding it taking up to 3 rounds to know whether or not Botox is effective. Nancy may have already shared this with you, but in case she has not I wanted to pass along this great resources. - Good luck & keep us posted in the months to come. Best, Joanna ( Team)

  2. Hi 4jene4,

    I hear you on the complaining end of things, I get tried of talking about it too!

    Amgen, the company that makes Aimovig, has a program to get the first two months free, and they have a $5 copay for those who are eligible. Here is that link;

    Keep me posted,

    1. I have been getting Botox injections just under 5 years now. No, it has not completely stopped me from experiencing a migraine. However, today I signed off to get the Aimovig injections. Not sure how long it will be before I will actually start them but the process is moving forward. Before Botox I would have about 7 good days a month after the botox I have an attack maybe 3 or 4 times a month. They vary with intensity and length but keep changing every time I have one, even the triggers are different. Like 4jene4 I have tried everything under the sun including the daith piercing which btw did not work for me. But I had to scratch it off the list of potential remedies. Crossing my fingers and toes that Aimovig may be the light (hopefully not causing a bigger problem) at the end of the tunnel. Will keep you all posted.

      1. I hear you on crossed fingers re: aimovig! I also have been doing Botox injections for years (14 and counting!) - they address the severity of the pain for me, not the frequency-- but I'll take it because it seems to keep me from being bed bound more often than not. I've also signed up for the aimovig injections and am awaiting them to come. - I think it may be too early for folks to ring in yet as to results as they are just being released to the general public but let's definitely stay in touch as to how they work!

      2. I’m going to talk to my doctor about the possibility of having Cervicogenic headaches. Most of my headaches I believe are triggered from my neck. So....I go next Thursday. We will see.

    2. Hi, I’ve been getting Botox shots for many years. I also was taking Topamax too for my headaches but still had to add Fioricet if needed, which had starting being every single day. I was afraid I was also now having rebound headaches.

      I got my first Aimovig injection (140 mg) 2 months ago. I had a slight headache that night but went headache free for a month. I can’t remember the last time; it was great.

      My neurologist told me to stop the Botox just to see if I needed both but to call the minute I felt another headache coming on. I also stopped the Topamax.

      Well, a couple of weeks after the second set of injections I started to get the beginnings of a migraine so I went in and they did the Botox too.

      I am doing really well but still took a Fioricet the other night. STILL, the difference with the Aimovig is amazing.

      My doctor’s assistant also told me, like the previous post, that my insurance may not cover both Botox and Aimovig. Right now if I could only have one, it would be the Aimovig.

      If I am not completely headache free - like that first wonderful month - I may start the Topamax because I know for sure the combo of all three ended my migraines.

      Hope this helps. We’re all different, and sometimes it takes getting the right combo of meds to help.

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