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Ajovy Free Trial period: Any extensions?

I have been on the free trial period for Ajovy since Jan 2019 or so. My original literature from the manufacturer said the program would end in Dec 2019. But people have told me that it maybe be extended.

Anyone know anything?

My insurance will not cover it. And since it has only been about 50% effective, I won’t be springing for the full cost.


  1. Hi lmlahlum,

    Great question!! Many are wondering the same thing. I've not heard anything yet, but hopefully others will be along shortly who have.

    If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. I was on Ajovy as well. Starting in 2020 it was no longer a"free"trial and my insurance did not cover it. I started taking Aimovig two months ago. Not sure if it is helping. I still have migraines, some at a high level. I think the Ajovy worked best in unison with Botox, but I stopped the Botox because I had a weird reaction the last time and I am just sick of being stuck 35 times every three months. Not sure what the answer is to help the migraines.

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