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Ajovy: What Can I Expect...

Regarding seeing significant improvement? I took my1st injection last month. So far, not any appreciable change. I know that some of the CGRPs take several months to “kick in”. What have people’s experiences been with this med? I’m anxious to know, as Aimovig seemed to work at first, but declined in effectiveness over about a year, & Emgality never did anything at all. Thanks for your response.

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  1. I'm on Ajovy and it works great! I used to have 3 to 6 day migraines but now only have 3 day migraines maybe once or twice month. I have chronic migraines, but it seems to keep them at just a functional headache level. I've had no side effects and I've been on it for a year.

    1. Hi MelissaM!
      Thank you for replying! It sounds like you have had a very positive experience from Ajovy! That really is wonderful to hear! It is so nice to hear such an optimistic outcome! It gives me hope, & makes me smile!
      My MOST SINCERE WISHES for continued success & even more diminished migraines!

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