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Almonds? Yes or no?

I drink protein everyday, but finding that is has more unknown "stuff" and artifical sweetener than I want and need. I switched to Sun Warrior and it is vegan and natural. Trying to find a balance for taste. Have been told not to eat almonds with migraines and Topamax? I want to mix in almond butter with the protein and use almond milk. Is there truth to not taking in almonds with chronic migraines and using topamax? I figured I would ask here from the people that would know. Thank you as always.

  1. All nuts can be a migraine trigger, so I would maybe try sunbutter, which is made with sunflower seeds. After a while, you don't even notice the difference from peanut butter.

    I have not heard anything specific about almonds and Topomax.

    Milk/dairy is a trigger for me, and I haven't been able to find a milk substitute that doesn't contain migraine triggers. If regular milk is okay for you, whole milk is best since the less fat versions can contain things that act like MSG in your body.

    1. Thank you very much, I will search for sunbutter. I have never heard of it. I am still working through what triggers my migraines, and am not much of a milk drinker, hence the almond milk. I did not know that about milk either, the things I need to figure out. Thank you again.

      1. You might look for the book "Heal Your Headache" by David Bucholtz. A lot of the medical information is out of date and wrong, and the tone of the overall book is snotty, but the diet information is very thorough. If you think diet is an issue, it would be worth writing down what you are eating for awhile and see if you notice any patterns.

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