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Alternative to Cambia?

I'm looking for others that have had good experiences with low grade rescue medications. I was given Cambia (diclofenac potassium) by my (yes board certified headache specialist) neurologist about a year ago for mild headaches but just received notice that it will be discontinued by my insurance company soon (and its super $$$). I have a neurologist appointment coming up and sometimes it takes a few visits until I find another medication I like so I wanted to go in with some sort of idea this time. She normally has some new medicine from a drug company ready and I dont like to be a guinea pig for her clinic 😀

Just an idea on me: 29 years old healthy female, now better controlled migraines with botox (3rd treatment is this week!) so hopefully coming off of topamax sometime soon if that continues to work. I take a triptan or midrin for a true migraine, depending on my symptoms but for minor headache cambia this has been AMAZING for me. It allows me to take it quickly at work and works within MINUTES. My insurance company sent me a blank letter with advil basically listed as an alternative. I get rebound headaches from advil and naproxen takes way to long to work which most of the time would lead to a migraine. I am trying to avoid another triptan as I already have one and am immune to many or get very sick even with using zofran with others so I really limit them (Immatrex, etc). Cambia has allowed me to catch early headaches before they get worse and improved my ability to function at work and home drastically, I know it is a very simple medication but I cant seem to easily find many great alternatives.

Any suggestions/advice of medications to talk over with my neurologist would be SO appreciated!! Thank you!

  1. Toradol (ketorolac) pills work well for me for the mild lingering pain. I agree with you on the cambia. It is the best med in the world but costs $100 a DOSE so not possible to use. You can try diclofenac (generic of cambia) in pill form and see if it works for you - super cheap and normally covered). I however get absolutely no benefit from them, but worth a try.

    1. I am sorry I didn't see this last year. If you still want Cambia, you may be able to get it. There is a patient prescription co-pay program that if your insurance company stops paying for it, you might be eligible for a $20 copay program for it through the manufacturer. Ask your doctor but the Avella specialty pharmacy might be able to help you set it up. I hope that helps! Sorry for the late response!

      1. Thank you for your reply! That it what my doctor did, I use the speciality pharmacy for it and pay around $20 a Rx which is totally worth it because it is still the best! Thank you!

        1. Have you tried the generic form - Diclofenac Potassium? It comes in a pill form. My doctor prescribed it when the Cambia became cost prohibitive for me. It works well but takes a little longer

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