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How to get a doctor to take symptoms seriously

Hi everyone!

I started having weird aural migraines at the beginning of september this year. The first one I felt like I was nearly going blind, the white spots were so intense.
Since then, the symptoms aren't as severe but now they last for two days sometimes.

For example, I felt a dull ache in the fron of my head, along my forehead for an entire day, then I began having the blind spot aura visuals with no pain. I figured it would just go away eventually and I wasn't that worried since I didn't have head pain. Then my right finger tips started going numb, and the numbness travelled to my lips and tongue! super scary.

Since then, I have an "attack" almost weekly. And often the symptoms linger for two days.

I've seen my doctor about this and her advice was to take tyenol and that it's a totally normal thing O.O

My only concern is that these are completely new to me- I am 27 years old, no kids. And they are happening regularly.

How do I get my doctor to take my symptoms seriously? And when she I be concerned about my symptoms?

Thank You.

  1. Hi Jespy27,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. New symptoms are difficult enough to deal with, but when a medical professional doesn't listen to us, it makes things worse. It leaves us feeling, isolated, and dejected. We're here for you and understand - you're not alone!!

    When you take Tylenol, does it help?

    Is September of this year the first time you experienced trouble with your vision and head pain? Have you ever been diagnosed with migraine or any headache disease? Have you had your eyes examined recently? Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to see the entire picture so I can point you in the right direction.

    If these symptoms are brand new and persistent, I would encourage you to seek out the expertise of another doctor who will listen and take your concerns seriously, or at least call her back and say you are still not feeling well and need another opinion.

    Let me know what you think,

    1. Thank You for the response!

      I do not take any pain relievers for the migraines due to personal reasons. So I'm not sure if it would help 🙁
      I have had the same type of migrain before, maybe two or three times but it was many many years ago. I have had my eyes examined recently, with no new issues. I am just not sure why they are occurring so frequently, and they last so long!

      Could these migraines be triggered by foods or caffeine?

      I eat really healthy but I do drink a lot of coffee.

      Would it be wise to wait maybe another month to see if my symptoms get worse, then see my doctor again?

      Thank You!

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