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Am I having migraines?

I don't really have "headaches" I mostly have severe pressure behind my eyes, temples, and in my ears. I have had flashing lights and once a bad episode of wavy lights only in my left eye side vision ( kinda like water reflecting off of something) I also have an unsteady sensation, not dizzy just unsteady. Seen a neuro and she put me on topomax which has pretty much stopped all symptoms. I take 25mg twice a day. Neuro tried to reduce me to 25mg 1 time a day and after 2 days my symptoms were returning.. I went back to 25mg twice per day until I see her again. Does this sound like migraines even though it's mainly just pressure and not a headache? And I should add that prior to topomax, the ear pressure and unsteady/off feeling was pretty constant everyday.. all day Thanks!

  1. HI mygirlsnlady,

    Thank you for reaching out to us - we're glad you did!!

    Did the neurologist indicate you have migraine disease? Having an accurate diagnosis is important so we get the proper treatment and learn about our disease/disorder/condition.

    Good to hear Topamax is helping, that must be a relief. How soon will you be seeing her again? I can provide you with information to get you ready for your next appointment with her.

    Nancy Harris Bonk

    1. To me, it sounds like a migraine. Migraines come in many shapes and forms so it can be hard to pin point what is actually happening.

      Especially if Topamax is helping, it probably shows that it is migraine related. I would ask your doctor. She should be able to tell you what is happening and if it is migraine related.

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