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Am I safe to drive?

When I have "brain fog", I know not to drive. yesterday I had the continuation a a weeks long dull headache, but no brain fog, so I drove 40 minutes out of town. while in a shop I had a debilitating migraine and had to call someone. one person drove me home while a second person drove my car home. I just don't know if I should keep driving. perhaps ok to drive just very close to home when I don't have 'brain fog'? I want to be safe and keep the others on the road safe, but don't want to be unreasonably restrictive of myself.

any thoughts you might share I would welcome.

  1. It is great that you care enough to think about it. I have not been doing a lot of driving lately because of this and not being sure when I am going to get a bad one. I am also the one driving the truck pulling the RV. Hurt when my wife said she wanted to cancel our camping site with friends and instead see if we could get a cabin. Migraines impact so much of our lives. But I think only we can decide if we can drive or not. Good luck.

    1. I just asked a similar question on the general forum, so I'm glad I stumbled upon this. My question was "is anyone having difficulty driving even when they aren't having a migraine"? My husband doesn't want me driving at all..... and I haven't really been anyway, but, I guess my reaction time is off or I am getting confused more easily. I feel like that's weird, right? Why would i be having issues when I'm not having a migraine? I don't want to put anyone in danger, but I also hate losing my freedom. So, what are others thoughts on driving?

      1. I tend to get what my doctor tells me is parathesia before some of my worst migraines. This electrical feeling moves across my body and is very disorienting and makes me feel a lack of control in my body...whether real or just perceived. As a result I'm having to limit my driving and my outings to things close to home. I've had to turn around and drive home when I'm by myself because I knew what was coming.

        My doctor has told me to avoid driving during a migraine. It's frustrating but unless I know I'll have some place I can leave my vehicle (and a ride home) should I need to, I just don't go.

        Definitely is impacting my social life and my quality of life. There's not much I wouldn't do to get back to my old normal.

        1. Yeah, I had to give up driving two years ago. For me, the light sensitivity is too much, but also I face the same issues of being very confused/slow during a migraine. I still am sad sometimes when I think of all the things I have had to give up, but the way I try to look at it is this: I didn't ask for this to happen and neither did my husband. It sucks that he has to drive me to appointments, or family members do, and has to handle the shopping. But our lives would only be that much more difficult if I were to get into a car accident and hurt myself worse because I was impaired by migraine. Or hurt someone else. This disease is often making the best of bad choices. Sorry it sucks. I miss me and my Honda out on the open road with the wind in my hair and the radio on sometimes, too.

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