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Amino acids

Over the years of having migraines I found that I had a craving for protein, and lots of it!
After realizing this I looked into why some types of protein helped why others didn’t. From there I found out protein is broken down into amino acids.
I found that there several amino acids that link directly to migraines.
I asked my doctor to test my amino acids and he agreed, come to find out I was extremely low on many of them. We believe part of it is from another disorder, but since I started drink multiple protein drinks my migraines have been cut in half of not more.
I don’t know if extra amino acids would help anyone else with migraines but I figured I would toss this experience out.
And just a side note if it is something you want to try make sure you get your kidneys checked to make sure they can handle the extra protein load.

  1. Hi SolusUmbra,

    That's very interesting! Thank you for sharing the information with us. Having half as many migraine attack is amazing - good for you!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed this continues.

    Will you keep us posted on your progress?

    1. Just as an update, we redid the test sometime ago and it came back with almost everything looking much better. So I started drink less protein drinks a day and within a few weeks to a month my daily migraines had returned, so I increased the drinks again and they have once again eased up.

      1. Good to hear SolusUmbra!! Thank you for the update.

        Please keep me posted on your progress!

        Wishing you a low pain day,

    2. Which amino acids were you low on?

      1. My lowest (under normal) were glutamine and glycine
        But I was in the low side of normal for a lot of them

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