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Amitriptyline and caring for babies/children

I just wanted to start off by saying I am not pregnant and do no plan to be in the near future, but I hope it happens in about a year or so. I just started taking Amitriptyline a couple months ago, and thank GOD, it has greatly reduced the frequency of my migraines! 😀 However... even at the dosage I take (50mg), I am groggy. I take it around 5:30-6pm and am usually out by 9. Some mornings (primarily Mondays because I take them later on the weekends) are brutal waking up, and I'm always a little "tipsy" for awhile and CAN be groggy for awhile in the morning (just depends on a variety of things)... I've read the articles about planning for pregnancy and what to do during pregnancy, but my question is this:

How in the world do I deal with a newborn whose days and nights are mixed up and/or doesn't sleep through the night for a few months when I take meds that make me that sleepy? I've read that breastfeeding may keep the migraines at bay, so as long as I am able to do that (and thus NOT taking the meds!), I may be okay. But what if I'm not able to or what happens after I stop? I'm just scared I won't be able to take care of a baby/young child on these meds 🙁


P.S. I'm already 36, so there's a strong likelihood I won't get to have a kid, I just think about these things, especially since I'll be moving in with my boyfriend after Christmas and we're not the most careful (and don't see us being careful then, either-- sort of a passive agressive "if it happens it happens" thing we fell into)

  1. LadyBug679.

    Thank you so much for your question about a topic that is frequently discussed among women of childbearing age who also have migraine. It's hard to tell which women will have a difficult time with migraine after giving birth and those who won't, so it's hard to speculate.

    You can read more about childbirth and migraine in our section on women and migraine;

    After you read this, please feel free to ask any questions,


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