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Anyone experiencing Amovig side effects not in the literature?

I took my first dose of Amovig 1 week ago. I notice I don't wake up with as bad a headache in the morning and I am not reaching for any medication till much later in the day. However I have noticed really profound fatigue and a feeling of mild depression. Maybe not related at all - but maybe so?

  1. Thanks for reaching out & for your question. As you wait for others to possibly chime in & share their experiences, I wanted to let you know that there has been some lively discussion in our forum pages related to CGRPs & side effects. - I thought you might find this page useful to review! It is always a good idea to discuss any side effects you might be experiencing with your doctor. Keep us posted & good luck!

    1. I’m due to take my 4th injection @70mg. I’ve noticed extreme joint pain in hands and feeling sooo tired. These symptoms coincide with when I started using Aimovig. Am I crazy?

      1. Hi there , Unfortunately, I do not think you are alone in experiencing these symptoms. If you check out our forum page dedicated to those that have shared what symptoms they are experiencing, many have said they feel joint pain & fatigue. You can read more here. - I am very sorry you are feeling this way. Be sure to share this with your doctor too & keep us posted. Thinking of you!

      2. I took 3 months worth of aimovig injections, and I was extremely tired, and my already chronic (at least 20 per month) migraines got progressively worse. I've always had neck pain, but it got worse.

    2. I get joint pain and exhaustion with my migraines. Could it be that you're not getting the head pain and just getting the other symptoms of migraine?

      1. I have taken the amovig two months in a row the 140. Both months within hours my head starts to pound and lasts for about 4 days. Ugh... Going to see if I get the same from just 70 this month. If so then no thanks

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