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Any one with Crohn's and ulcerative colitis tried CGRPs or input ?


I will be starting Aimovig in December, despite being very inconfortable with trying any anti CGRP migraine treatment. I have ulcerative colitis and it is mainly what’s adding to my worries of trying the anti CGRP treatment.

But since I have an average of 27 days of migraines / month and that the Botox has mostly only reduce the intensity, I fell I don’t have much choice.

I would really like hear about any one who have tried anti CGRP that also have ulcerative colitis (or Crohn’s).

Thank so much for any in put,

  1. Hi chantrelle,

    That's a great question, thank you for asking it. I don't have this, but know others who do. Hopefully they'll be along shortly to share their experiences with you.


    1. Here is one of the articles I read that made me worried about taking anti CGRP while suffering from an chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

      It states that : “ In animal models administered CGRP antibodies, there was mucosal damage, suggesting that CGRP antibodies could contribute to loss of gastrointestinal mucosal integrity and predispose patients to inflammatory bowel disease.”

      I do not find any where any advice for patient who already have an chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

      1. Hi chantrelle,

        Thank you for sharing that. I just read the article, very interesting. I haven't seen any suggestions for people with inflammatory bowel disease either. I will keep my eyes open and see what else I can find out.


        1. I saw my neurologist at the end November few days before I received the Aimovig.

          Back in August, I had told him about my concerns regarding taking Aimovig and the fact that I have ulcerative colitis. At that time he was able to tell me that to his knowledge that there wasn’t any problem, but that he would look into that to make sure.

          Therefore, when I saw him, he was able to reassure me that there were others with inflammatory bowel disease taking Aimovig and no problem were reported.

          I started Aimovig on December 6th and so far so good.

          I’m due for a scope in a month or two with my GI. Which is reassuring as we will be able to see if something as gotten worse.

          As for the results on migraines in my case it is to soon to see if it makes any difference.

          I’ll make sure to report here if I have any issues related to Aimovig and the Ulceratice colitis.

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