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When was the last time you changed or tried a new migraine treatment?

Sometimes it can feel like the path of migraine treatment is so windy and confusing. One minute, you're on a treatment regimen, and the next, you have to add something new to your arsenal because of a new symptom showing up or a medication not working anymore! When was the last time you switched treatments or added something new to your treatment plan?

  1. 2 years ago. Ubrelvy & Nurtec. Ubrelvy might help a little. Had a dreadful migraine with Nurtec. Both are prohibitively pricy on Medicare. I’ll stick with Sumatriptan.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your experience with Nurtec. This is one that I have not been offered, or, felt I needed. I use Sumatriptan also. What strength and route of administration do you use? I use the intranasal form and use 20 mg. I hope that Sumatriptan is working well for you. (Tonya, contributor).

  2. I am in my early 70'sand have had migraine issues since childhood. It wasn't until early adulthood that I became a patient of a really good Neurologist. I am still with a very good Neurologist - and we plan together. I now live approx 6 driving hours from her BUT I only see her in office in the good weather months and we skype etc in bad weather months. Over the last 2-3 years we have been trying a lot of the new stuff to try and find both preferable preventative and attack management care. Due to my current age, I feel more urgency to find things that result in as few monthly migraines as possible (I am diagnosed as Chronic Migraine - more than 15 migraines per month.) So far we have given really full trials to Aimovig - great results but my hair loss became an issue. Botox - almost a full year wasted with zero positive results. Currently Qulipta - we are up to the larger dosage BUT I need to eliminate Topiramate from my regime and that takes time. SOOO there is some frustration - just all related to the time it takes. Ubrelvey and Cambia are my attack meds - they do help alot - love them. I am seeking the best migraine health asap as my life line is kinda short. ALL are costly. I max my annual drug benefits usually by April. my Neuro. has found some compassionate help. My husband and I are fortunate that we can just "bite" some of this - but that is mainly due to considering our age and savings.

    1. thank you for sharing all of that!! I am glad to hear that you have a great relationship with your current provider. I truly feel that is step 1, to getting the help needed. I am sorry that the things you need, are so costly. I do understand that. Have you ever looked into the Migraine CareLine? Here is the link: They can help you find resources to help may for the medications. As the months go on, I hope you are able to safely ween off Topamax. I used that for many years. but stopped because it stopped working for me. Hang in there, and, thank you for sharing all of this today. (Tonya, contributor).

  3. December 12, 2022, Botox for 8 months. Minimal effect

    1. oh no! I am sorry that Botox did not help you too much. That is something that I used for about 2 years. But...then it did nothing for me. I feel there is no use continuing something that is not beneficial. Is there anything that is helping you? (Tonya, contributor).

  4. This week

    1. good evening. I hope that today is a good day for you. I see that you just recently started a new medication. What change was made? Are you new to migraine? I hope that this will help you. Be sure to come back here to let us know as treatment progresses, or, you can share in a status update: You can post an update under " How are you feeling," on that page, or, mid way down the page, there will be "Share your story" and "Start a discussion." I hope to hear good news about this later!! (Tonya, contributor).

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