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Has anyone else on Earth experienced this odd migraine symptom?

So my migraines started at age 11. The first few I had were kind of messy; I guess they needed time to warm up first. They've always been exactly the same; 20-30 minutes of sparkling aura or zigzag lines and circles, which start in either my left or right eye, then growing to both eyes. 10 minutes after my vision returns, the pain starts in one eye; well more like behind the eye. It becomes debilitating, lasting 6-10 hours until the pain makes me nauseous and I vomit. After I vomit, the pain starts to recede and I can go to sleep. When I wake, I always have a spot in the back of my head that feels painful if I strain, i.e., cough; sneeze; bend-over, etc.

So here is the BIG MYSTERY that no doctor or sufferer has ever been able to explain to me. Every single time I get a migraine, and I'm now 43 years old, the aura and pain switch sides. So if the aura starts in my left eye, the pain is ALWAYS in my right eye. Then the next migraine I have, the aura will start in my right eye and the pain will always be in my left. My migraines were every 30 days from 11 years old to around the age of 20, then they started to taper-off.

Now, thank God, I only have one about every 2-3 years, but even with that long gap between, they still alternate sides with the pain, and the aura is always in the opposite eye that the pain will be in. Please tell me someone else has experienced this! Thanks for reading!!

  1. Hi CLWoods,

    Thank you for detailing your migraine journey with us. I've not had this, I don't get visual aura, but that doesn't mean others haven't. I expect those who have will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

    It's possible that this is the way your body experiences a migraine attack. We're all so different and it seems no two people have the exact same migraine attack.

    I hope that helps!
    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. ,
      I have been diagnosed with migraine with aura, but my neurologist has told me that aura doesn’t have to be only visual symptoms. I get nausea and dizziness along with other symptoms that come and go with each migraine attack. My attacks start and end differently too. If your doctor doesn’t find the answer, maybe this is just the way your brain responds.

      Just enjoy those pain free days since you don’t seem to get them very often.

      Peggy ( Team)

      1. Hi clwoods,

        I too have had migraines since 14 y/o, not w/auras but they always switch sides! Left to right, like clock work. I've just found the supplement Butterbur 50mg 2x/daily which is recommended w/o side effects, and aides nausea...added bonus 😀

        Best to you

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