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Has anyone ever experienced a migraine that starts at the cheekbone and radiates into the temple?

  1. Yes, cheekbone and the bones around eye to the temple and over my ear. So painful.

    1. Mine go the other way. Starts at my left temple, around and behind my left eye, into my cheek. It's horrible. I always wonder if I'd ever realize I'm having a stroke........... scary

      1. Hi denisestephens,

        Great question! It's not uncommon to experience pain in that area. The trigeminal nerve gets inflamed during a migraine attack. This article details what happens during a migraine attack;

        I hope that helps!

        1. Thank you Nancy

      2. Yes I do. This symptom is new with in the last 2 years. I know if I feel this, I have to take my abortive medication. Any idea of why this happens?

        1. It's new to me, just started a month ago. It does go away when I take the Maxalt but it took me over a week to figure out that it was a migraine. I thought I had a sinus infection. I'm seeing the doctor on Tuesday for my yearly check & I'm glad since this is a new area for a migraine for me. Read the article Nancy posted, it may give you answers.

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