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Anyone have difficulty speaking during an aura ?

This happens to me occasionally-have had migraines with aura since I was 14 & am now 85. Have recently had 18 months free but yesterday short aura with aphasia really scared me.

  1. Hi there - thanks so much for posting your question. Trouble speaking during aura due to aphasia is a common experience among the community. Why don't we see if we can get you connected to some of those posts? We have a couple articles written by our fellow patient advocates, such as this one here: and You can also find stories from other community members, like this one: I hope that these resources help you feel less alone with all of this. My hope is that more people will be along shortly to share their experience. Perhaps and have something to add as well. I will tag them since both have shared with us that they experience aphasia.

    Warmly, - Cody (Team Member)

    1. Thank you so much - enormously appreciated as am 85 and live alone 🌸

  2. - Hi there- looks like Cody gave you links to some of our wonderful resources on aphasia and how it can relate to aura.
    You mentioned you've had a break from this experience for the last 18 months and the related scare yesterday. Are you working with a migraine specialist? Or are you under a doctor's care for your migraine condition? We encourage those who are noticing changes in their migraine condition to be evaluated. Even though you have experienced this challenge throughout your lifetime - anytime you feel uneasy or are scared by something you are experiencing medically, and/or when something appears that is unusual (as it hasn't happened in some time) - it's likely worth getting an evaluation with your practitioner.
    Do you feel good about who you see for your migraine condition? If not, we can send you a list of migraine specialists in your area if you are interested. We are here for you! Warmly - Holly (team member)

    1. Thank you - my daughter is a doctor.

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