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Anyone's migraines always on the same side? (Plus neurological symptoms)

So I've suffered with migraines all my life (am currently 24) and after tracking them the last few years, I've found they are almost always on the left side and almost always include facial numbness on the left side of my face. Earlier this year I had a pretty scary experience where I was sitting down reading and it suddenly felt like I'd been hit over the head, I was suddenly incredibly dizzy and my vision was off. When I stood up I was wobbly and was weak to the point of limping on my left side. I found it difficult to articulate and it's like my brain was functioning slowly. The next day I was still like it and I had an emergency doctor's appointment but he wasn't concerned and said it was just migraine.

This week I had a referral to the neurology department and the doctor said that he wasn't hugely concerned but is going to do a brain scan to rule out any other issues such as blood vessels or tumours which can cause one-sided pain.

I'm just really really worried - my migraines are almost always on the left side, always accompanied my left-side facial numbness, and whether I have a migraine or not I always feel a slight pressure on the left side of my head and particularly behind the eye. I've had a mild migraine of this kind for about two weeks currently. Some other factors concerning me is my left foot is usually always slightly numb - not noticeable unless I touch the skin on both sides - and often when I have pain on my body it's on the left side.

I can't stop worrying about it. Does anyone else have similar symptoms and know that it's just migraines?

  1. have them check for occipital neuralgia , hard to detect , thats what i have due to cut nerves, same signs but just the head , not the body , i have to have nerve block shots every 12 weeks, and started botox too , will always have headaches 3/5 , but the 8/10/ , ones down to 2/3 every 12 weeks, ibeen looking for relief for 3 years,

    1. bobk, do you know they would check for occipital neuralgia? I've previously had an MRI of my neck and spine which was normal, would that have showed any issues with the nerves there?

  2. Usually on the same side. My left side as I look at someone. HOWEVER. I do get them on my right side as well.

    It's not sinus. I say that as nothing over the counter or even scripts from my Primary care doctor helps.

    The Migraines are like lightning bolts on the side of my temples and my eyes feel like they can pop out of my head.

    Average length is 96 hours of chronic pain followed by 1-2 days of migraine "hangover" sleepyness and then I'm good to go for a few days to a week.

    I've recently been diagnosed with ADD and prescribed adderral. For the first 3 months it seems to have worked but it depends on the manufacturer type that the pharmacies choose to switch to for their lowered cost. They dont lower your cost just theirs and pocket the difference.

    I'm 57. They started for me at about 10 years old----my mother has --had them and still have them and they are dibilitating.

    I could write about migraine all day long because I feel your pain.

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