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AO Biome Mother Dirt - friendly bacteria

Has anyone else had a chance to participate in clinical trials for AO Biome's nasal spray version of Mother Dirt? It contains a friendly, ammonia oxidizing, anti-inflammatory bacteria, which is helpful for acne, high blood pressure and migraines. I participated in a clinical trial, using the nasal spray twice/day. I did not have a migraine for more than a month while participating in the trial. (My normal is 8-18 days/month.) It is currently in phase 2 clinical trials, and since a similar product already exists in an OTC form ... I am hoping it will be more affordable than the CGRP medications.

  1. Hi Diana5,

    Great question! I wasn't aware of this until you mentioned it and I did a bit of digging. I'll continue to dig a bit, but fingers crossed this comes to fruition if helpful.


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