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Applying for disability

I've suffered from serious migraines for about 30 years. My head hurts constantly, for as long as I can remember. I've struggled with neck pain for longer, about 40 years, which aggravates the migraines. I've had two neck surgeries for ruptured disks and bone spurs. Of course, fighting with depression every step of the way. Then last month, at 55, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with heart failure, a total shock. I've been renewing FMLA because of my neck and migraines for a couple years, now I've had to add heart failure to it. I'm applying for social security disability. Does anyone have advice for me to give me the best chance? Thank you

  1. Hi there Dove1919,
    I am so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. You have certainly been contending with so much over the years and I sure hope that the process of filling for SSDI will at least go smoothly for you. We know it can be a difficult process, so hang in there!

    I truly wish you the best of luck. If you can, keep us posted as things progress. We will be thinking of you!
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Joanna- is there a way I could pass on some information to you, that maybe we could get to Dove1919? I don't want to violate any of the sites rules. I've been down this path, and I try to give anyone all the advice I can give them to help them get the help I was selected to receive. Thanks!

    2. Thank you for the response. I will post progress. I have submitted the on-line application, and received a form letter in the mail that they've opened a case. I wanted to talk to the case worker assigned to me. Well, hour, hour and half waits on the phone. Not a good sign! I did get a fax number, so I'll just start faxing messages! 😀

  2. Yes! I do! Unfortunately, the more problems you have the better chance you have at disability. About two years ago I had to stop working and went through on my savings. I have a similar health history as yours with two necj surgeries and a host of other problems. Since the rules of the site discourage us from talking off-line, I would like to recommend the Disability team that helped me get my disability in record time. And I can tell you from personal experience that you qualify, and it will make your life so much easier. Maybe our moderator could suggest a way for us to connect?

    1. Thank you for your response. I am still working, but it takes ALL my energy, I have nothing left. And know I know having heart failure is part of my energy problem, but then I think knowing I have heart trouble has me feeling even more exhausted. I plan to be my own advocate rather than hire a lawyer or disability organization, as I have very little financial means, and I don't want to give someone else part of my first few disability checks should I be approved, I'm having conversations about this with all my doctors, and am cautiously hopeful social security will see my health records document I qualify.

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