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Are my symptoms Migraines ? can someone tell me pls

Hi friends....I'm new in here. I was told by the neurologist he believes I have Migraines. I have been sick for almost 2 years now, it started with sinuses being inflamed congested whatever we call it, and the doctor kept telling me it was Chronic Sinusitis. I was weak, and still am, dizzy, hard time breathing, throbbing head dead center, where its scary like my head is going to explode,and just feeling sick, like I have the flu every day !! so 2 ENT later he claims its Migraines.All the symptoms I still have, but the breathing problems I get maybe once a week, where before the meds he put me on it was every day. My question.....are those all symptoms of Migraines?? I have them every day ! it never gives me a break, all I want to do is sleep. I am on Proprolol and Amitrptyline and triptans, it seemed to take half the symptoms away, I have been on the meds for almost 3 weeks. thank you

  1. Hi OS6j1d,

    Have you by any chance had an MRI? I have a friend has a deviated septem which he recently had surgery to fix and he has had breathing troubles and sinus issues. You could also have a cyst in your Sinus cavity which could cause breathing difficulty and in the right spot could cause sinus issues with the sinus backing up causing sinus pressure headaches which do occur often in the middle of the forehead sorta between the eyes.

    Its just a guess, but an MRI would show this. My aunt also had many issues for years and ended up having to have surgery on her sinuses to fix the issue,though later on scar tissue seemed to put the problem in a chronic state though her breathing did improve. When you don't get enough oxygen it can cause weakness so I can see how you would feel weak and generally ill.

    Have you tried any natural remedies like sinus massages humidifyers and steam treatments?
    There are many teas and herbs which help with sinuses also there is a medicine that is basically a saline solution that you can spray into your nose like flonase that can help open your sinus cavity,prevent infection and help you breathe a bit better.

    Hope you get to feeling better Sinus issues are terrible and headaches are never fun.

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