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General malaise or feeling under the weather normal with some types of migraines?

Are periods of general malaise, or feeling under the weather, normal with some types of migraines?

I have been diagnosed with migraines (with auras), and persistent auras without infarction, and that I have migraine related events (sudden nausea, weakness on one side, visual disturbances, or random tingling sensations with no tumors or strokes showing up on imagery). One thing we have never figured out are these periods of exhaustion, malaise... aches and pains, sleepiness... that crop up now then. Could this be related to my migraine situation?

  1. Yes

    1. Yes. I feel so tired during and after an attack. I sometimes get panic attacks before a migraine starts

      1. I've had panic attack, but they're not related to migraines. Well, not really. I'm terrified of driving because I've had random black-outs, vision-loss, loss-on-consciousness, and jerky spasms in my arms and legs due to migraines. As such, I'm terrified of a random migraine attack. As for the tiredness, sometimes it's days or weeks of tiredness without a specific migraine headache.

    2. I just came here to read about whether or not others experience aches and pains off and on-during their migraines, or separately. I've recently had a couple days of this achiness right along with my "migraine head." I don't get the severe migraine head pain, thankfully. But I do get the malaise and feeling as though my brain simply doesn't feel well. The aching in my muscles is something I've experienced before but it is not a terribly frequent thing. It's not debilitating but it IS annoying. The pain I experience is an ache similar to how a dull tooth ache feels, but in my muscles. There are also little muscle pains that sort of hop quickly my finger...then a shin...and arm... I've no idea if it's migrainal or not, but it's real.

      1. I totally understand the "brain doesn't feel good" feeling. Times like that I just need to go be alone, and sleep. The aching muscles for me are often similar to that feeling one gets after a very rigorous workout. Muscles are sore, tired, slow, heavy...

    3. I have experienced extreme fatigue and periods of sleepiness that occur suddenly when I just have to lie down. When I do, I sleep for hours. I have both chronic migraine and Menieres Disease. Both conditions cause the fatigue. The sleepiness is more recent. I also have had entire seasons of "malaise" in which being continually fatigued, I lack motivation to get anything done. So opposite of the totally self motivated energizer bunny I am by nature! One thing I do know, migraines are draining, cause fatigue for many, and especially Chronic Migraine can be cause of general malaise.

      1. I'm very positive, hopeful, and have strong desires to get things done, and I get super frustrated because of these periods of exhaustion that can last days, weeks, and sometimes months. It's ridiculous. During these times I'm more prone to migraine headaches, the persistent aura visual distortions and tinnitus gets worse, and I see bright flashes frequently. Very frustrating because I can't hold a job (fainting, blindness, debilitating head pain, falling over, throwing up, severe exhaustion, etc), terrified of driving (what if I had a migraine or event? too dangerous), it's turned me into a homebody.

      2. I, too, have been turned into a home body and can no longer drive. My inability to drive is due to Menieres attacks. I've always believed this condition is connected to the migraines. Interesting, the comments about other bodily aches and pains. I sometimes also ache all over. Am wondering if it is a result of general all encompassing tension and tightening up from the migraines. I've thought it to be arthritic and getting older, but sometimes it's profound. Interested to see what others say.

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