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Can aspirin help?

~Can taking pure aspirin help relieve migraines~I know aspirin is a blood thinner~Would love to know~Thank you~

  1. Hi there , Thanks so much for your question! As this article points out, "aspirin, and acetaminophen, are among the large group of non-specific pharmacologic agents used alone or in combination with other agents as acute treatment for migraine." - You may also find this helpful to review -

    As with any medication, always be sure to speak to your doctor before starting.

    Thanks for being here & always feel free to reach out.
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hello , aspirin is a blood thinner which to my knowledge would helps some with migraines because the blood would flow more easily. I think most doctors prescribe medicines like ibuprofen, because that is an anti inflammatory medication, which helps because when you have a migraine, your blood vessels become larger.
      I hope that helps. Make sure you talk to your doctor before trying those meds out.

      1. I have not found any Insaid to help get rid of my migraines or to even relieve the pain. I take a baby asprin every morning which seems to maybe the the frequency of my migraines because it is a blood thinner. "It all one big crap shoot anywho." Ned Ryerson Groundhog Day quote

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