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Does Anyone Have Asthma as Well as Migraine?

I was recently put on Vepapamil as migraine prevention. It really worked great, until I began having an exacerbation of my asthma. The Verapamil was the only new medication added to my regime and due to some articles I read online, decided it could be the culprit. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience as far fetched as it may seem. Thanks!!

  1. Hello wenweb, thank you for reaching out! I hear what a difficult time you've had with your asthma since beginning verapamil. While there are indeed those who do live with both migraine and asthma, I do not know if others have had a similar reaction to this particular medication. You might find these articles about migraine and asthma to be interesting to peruse while waiting for others to share their experiences with you: If you haven't already, I would encourage you to reach out to your doctor to gain her/his expertise and recommendation for you in light of these new symptoms. Please keep us posted on how you are managing! Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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