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Aura after the migraine?

Hi everyone, I suffer from migraines. [Thankfully - due to beta blockers - I get migraines far less frequently that I used to]. Yesterday morning, I woke up with a typical migraine. What happened out of the ordinary was that after a few hours the pain began fading, and after the pain was gone, I began experiencing an aura (blurry vision) - which I usually experience BEFORE I get the migraine. Given the fact that I never experiencing an aura AFTER having a migraine, I figured that the aura meant that I was going to get another migraine momentarily, bus as it turned out the aura concluded (after 30 minutes or so) and (thankfully) no headache hit me.

So I was wondering if anyone else ever had such an experience of an aura AFTER a migraine?


  1. Hi Mr. Bob,

    Thank you for your question. While not common, it is possible to have extended vision issues after an attack. Now having said that, anytime we have new and/or different symptoms its important to discuss them with the doctor so he/she can rule out anything serious.

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.


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