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Aura during dream

I have suffered migraines since a young child, I am now 30 and I suffer mostly from Silent/Acephalgic migraines.

Last night for the first time in my life I had an aura during sleep.

I was aware of it within my dream, the dream was stressful/odd and I remember vividly recognising that it was there within the dream itself. I then woke up to find that I was actually in the middle of experiencing a full blown aura. I then got up and had my usual depressive/irritable mood. Not a pleasant way to wake up!

Has anyone had this? I don't know why, but I am finding the fact that my migraine aura invaded my sleep extremely unsettling. I have no idea what my triggers are but I always assumed they were day time stimulus, now I am thinking not?

Just reaching out to see if anyone has had this experience.



  1. Hi Lou,

    Thank you for your questions. No, I've not experienced this but wonder if it was serving as sort of a warning your attack was on the way. Were you able to treat the attack?


    1. Yeah, I started those middle-of-the-night in-my-sleep attacks a couple of years ago.. What's worse for me is that I dream in colour, with sound and smell, so it's a bit like being awake anyway. And the migraines are either so bad they wake me up, or so bad then suddenly stop, the relief wakes me up.
      The neuro isn't too worried - yet. He notes everything, asks how I feel about it, how the meds are going, and if I feel rested for the morning. If he thinks it's necessary, he'll tweak the doses of the preventives I'm on. At present, we're seeing how I handle being very low food chemicals (which, up until today, was brilliant!!).
      Diarise your episodes, note generally what the next few days are like (is the night attack a breakthrough? Is it the main migraine? Are you hungover during the day?etc) and if there's a worrying pattern,Messe the doc quickly.

      1. Hi JOJ & Nancy,

        Thankfully there have been no further issues with migranes since the last one. I was thankful there was no pain post aura. So bizarre.

        @JOJ what kind of medication are you on? I've been on a few things but I've never seen much difference. I know one of my triggers is MSG but beyond that I'm unsure!

        Thanks for the support, always nice to talk to people who understand!


        1. I can't remember the exact dosages now (it's nearly 4am, and I can't sleep: rain); l take topiramate, allegron and verapamil. I don't think I was on the allegron when the sleeping-migraines started, or more precisely, when I became aware of them. I possibly had them for a while. Doc adjusted my doses, then added the allegron, and then it was like my brain s-l-o-w-e-d when an attack really set in. I could really feel everything just crunch and slow down.
          That was also a good time to start my lower chest breathing, and relax from my toes.
          Do a 2minute mindfulness exercise.
          Make sure socks and comfy blanket were on. Sink. In. The. Bed...

          A few hours later, if I was lucky/if I'm still lucky, I can do a Feldenkrais scan and twist myself out of bed. (There's a catlike twist-stretch that's good)
          I'm on my third night of little sleep, fourth day of weirdness. I'm blaming weather and hormones this time.

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