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Anyone else experience strong fluorescent colors during migraine with aura?

My auras of colors are very strong during a migraine I see fluorescent colors.

  1. Hi ,

    You're not alone in this! I've heard from others who experience similar things. I don't have visual aura, so am unable to comment on this personally.

    If this is a new and/or different symptom, it's a good idea to check in with the doctor so he/she can make sure everything checks out OK.

    Wishing you a low pain day,
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. It isn't a new symptom but the colors are stronger than usual. I have a call into my neurologist but I won't get a tele conference until May. When the migraine starts over my left eye then I know I will have aura the sun seems to make it worse so I have an eye mask in the car so I can wear that until I get home.

        1. , I am sorry to say it looks like your comment did not post- if you feel up to posting it again, we would love to know what you were sharing with us. ~Melanie (team member)

      1. My experience with auras have been a circular zig-zag pattern that sometimes has strong fluorescent colors. Usually the aura will last 20 minutes without a headache; however, recently this month I've experienced seeing the aura first in my left visual field for 20 minutes and then about 30-40 minutes later it will start in my right visual field. I've gone months without the auras then for some reason they start. Lately, I have noticed the auras being precipitated by using the computer, watching TV, or even a bright light such as the sun. I would like to hear from others that have auras. Thanks for this migraine site. Charchar

        1. Hi Charchar- thanks so much for chiming in- While migraine patterns, symptoms, and side effects can evolve over time, we definitely strongly recommend a call or trip to the doctor when anyone reports experiencing a change in those patterns just to be on the safe side.
          I was hoping to find more community feedback on auras on our site- but couldn't find any forum dedicated specifically to the topic. Here's what we do have that may help:
          First, a FAQ page on the varying types of auras:

          Second, a firsthand account of an aura, followed by some community members input in the comment section following the video:

          And finally, while aura is mentioned in varying forum pages on our site (see: there is no page that simply asks for community feedback on auras, as you did in your comment. If you are so moved, please feel free to start a forum dedicated to the topic of aura. You can do so here:

          Hope this helps. Please let us know how else we can support you. Thinking of you - Holly ( team).

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