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Aura with or without headache

Starting in 2010 I started getting silent migraines every 1-2 months. They would start as a circle of grey with flickering colors and zig zags that would spread into a "c" shape until they would disappear (typically 20 minutes). They went away when I got pregnant with my second son. Since I had him they are coming back about ever 4 weeks or so except now they come with a headache.
Every single time I get the aura, it scares me so much that I break down in tears and have panic attacks for days after. I was wondering how many of you get the same type of aura I am having and how frequently do you get them?

  1. And how long do your auras last?

    1. Devinann,
      I get auras with my Migraines and they are very similar to how you describe yours. Mine usually last 15-20 minutes and then the serious pain sets in. I know exactly what you mean about having a panic attack when you see one. I think about how the next few days will be affected because of the pain. There's a great video on You Tube that someone made that depicts their auras:

      As you get older, your Migraines can morph and change. My auras look different now than they did when I was a kid. And your Migraines can also change with pregnancy because of the change in hormones, which is probably why you had relief for a while from them.

      Since your symptoms have changed recently I suggest going to see a doctor, just to rule out any other issues (but these sound pretty typical). You may be able to be put on preventative medications to help manage them. Also, do they usuallly come with your period? They could be hormonal migraines and a change in birth control might help.

      Here are some links for you to check out:


      1. devinann,

        Please try not to stress out too much about your aura--sadly, it's a frequently occurring phenomenon for many migraineurs, and you are NOT alone. Are you scared because you are worried the migraine pain is going to set in, or are you scared because the visual symptoms freak you out? Or neither? In any case, I assure you that this is a totally normal symptom. That said, you should definitely talk with your doctor or migraine specialist sooner than later, as it's important to tell healthcare providers any time your migraine patterns change.

        To cope with the anxiety you feel regarding your aura and migraine attacks, I'd suggest doing some deep breathing, gentle yoga, and/or mindful meditation. (Here are a few good places to start: &

        Here are some articles about aura that might help. In the meantime, I'll bet some other users will contribute to this discussion you've begun.

        Take care, and let us know how you're doing.

        -Janet G., "The Migraine Girl"

        1. That video is almost exactly what mine looks like, but mine lasts much longer. I don't get mine during my period, it seems like I do while ovulating. I wonder if that could still be hormonal?
          I saw a neurologist and I asked him "what exactly goes on during an aura?" and he replied that the blood supply is being compromised to your brain. So I said "You are saying it is vascular?" and he said "yes". I lost all faith in him at that point because new studies show that it is not vascular.
          I just feel so alone because no one I know gets auras. It helps when I hear from other people who also experience these horrible episodes. How often do you get yours? I feel like once a month is too much and I fear they will start coming more frequently.

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