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Ayurvedic medicine for migraine?

Has anyone tried ayurvedic medicine for migraine? I am a chronic sufferer and getting desperate. Taking too many triptans, too many pain killers and still only just able to function.... Thank you!

  1. I've never tried Ayurvedic medicine but it is worth a try. I do know that dietary changes can reduce pain, or at least give us some improvement. Sounds like you may want to visit your doctor and if you don't already have one, be referred to a headache specialist. Migraines do change over time. What worked for me in my 20's most definitely doesn't work for me now.

    Hope you get some relief soon.


    1. Thank you Ronan. I have a referral but it is to a neurologist who does not speclise in migraine so not sure how much help that will be! My GP is very good but we have exhausted all avenues now, hence the referral. Diet doesn't affect me (at least in that way I am lucky!).

    2. I have a neurologist. He is great. He sent me for a CAT Scan to make sure everything was working like it should be. And he gave me a complete physical. I also had to keep a diary for a few months. I'm glad you have the referral.

  2. Thanks Ronan!

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