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Bad Signs of Something More?

Okay I was looking through an article and this part caught my eye.

"•Sometimes what seems like a migraine can in fact be a sign of something more serious. Advise the migraine suffer to seek immediate medical attention if the head pain: occurs after a head injury, is sudden, occurs or changes after age 50, is accompanied by fever, rash, stiff neck, numbness, confusion, seizure , vision problems, trouble speaking or gets worse after exertion, coughing or sudden movement"

Now I will admit I'm a bit of a hypocondriac but I do experience the fever, stiff neck, numbness from laying on one side, some confusion and it always gets worse when I'm in the middle of an attack and I cough, or sit up or try to get up to move.

Does anyone else get this? Or should I be worried now?

  1. Teania - The symptoms you mention can be common for many of us. That said, the thing to get concerned about is those symptoms that are unexpected. You haven't had them before or spoken to a doctor about them, and they are new, or especially bad.

    I always tell patients that - when in doubt, get to your doctor asap.

    1. Hi, This is my first time on a blog. I get these exact symptoms during my attacks, plus I stutter, slur my speech, and am very clumsy. I also type a lot of words with backwards letters. Almost everything has a red underline!I am very self conscience that people will think that I am on drugs.( I quit drinking and drugs 12 years ago ) This is a typical migraine for me. What if this is something worse about to happen is always in the back of my mind though. A bad migraine can be scary. Migraine diaries help establish "the norm" so the individual knows when something is out of the ordinary, and learns the triggers,

      1. Hi Mattman,

        Welcome and thank you so much posting! Many of us have similar symptoms during a migraine attack but the thing is no two people experience migraine attack the exact same way. That's why it's so important to understand our triggers and how we react to them, just as you said.

        It is difficult to go through life wondering if something worse will happen. By having regular check ups with our doctor, following their instructions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will go a long way to ease some of our fears.

        It is easy to get caught up in worrying about migraine all the time because for some of us it plays such a major role in our life. This article may help reduce some fears by taking the "bull by the horns" and having a plan to combat migraine;

        We hope to see more of you, and again, thanks for sharing.

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