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beer for migraine auras

I’ve been suffering with migraines for the past 30+ years. Like many people auras are the worst part of the experience. For me it starts with a “missing” piece in my vision. From there jagged bright lines form. Sometimes my speech is affected. Sometimes I go numb on one side of my body.

A few years ago I was playing baseball when one hit. We didn’t have any extra players so I couldn’t exit the game. One of my teammates recommended i try drinking a beer. I quickly drank it and lo and behold my aura dissipated. I’ve been doing this for the past few years and each and every time it “works.” I put works in quotes because i still feel weakness with slight disassociation and a dull headache but nothing like the full migraine experience.

First, I was wondering if there is anyone else who has discovered this? And second is there something that works as/more effectively so i don’t have to skull a beer every time i start seeing auras?

Would love to hear others experiences related to this

  1. Hi migrainegrumbler,

    I responded to this question in the other section. Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.

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