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Being driven crazy by construction lift


My partner and I are living with his family in a large house. They have construction and painting crews here, and these crews are using a boom lift. And it beeps. And beeps. And beeps. And beeps. The last day or 2 it's been right outside our kitchen window. A few feet from where I'm trying to work.

It was okay at first. It would beep for a minute or so and quit. Then the first headache started setting in. Once that one developed, that was it. If I hear the beeping at all, I feel pressure in my teeth. (Which, if I continue to hear the beeping, travels up into my cheekbones, my right eye, and finally the right side of my head and feels like someone has my head in a vice.) And, OH GOD, are these super crazy hard to get rid of.

So, I'm stuck either wearing headphones all day or leaving to go to the library or somewhere. I don't want to leave. I have my little office nook set up here at home. I don't want to leave my second monitor.

So, I wear my BT headphones all day. Unlike with ear plugs where I can still hear the beeping, with the headphones it just vanishes into the music.

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to have a way to block out the sound. But it sucks.

I'm frustrated, because it's not my house. I'm the only non-blood relative. And I'm the only one it's physically inflicting pain on. My partner keeps telling me that there aren't many options here and that this should all be done in a month. I think he feels his hands are tied. I guess I don't have any options here. I certainly can't think of any other alternatives to help my situation.

I keep trying to figure out how they can disable the beeping. I know it doesn't have to be there for legal reasons or what have you. The last lift, which had to be sent off for repairs, didn't beep at all. SO WHY DOES THIS ONE.

If anyone has any sage advice, I appreciate it. Otherwise, if you've made it this far, thanks for just letting me rant. I feel like at this point it might be helpful just to talk to folks who get it.

  1. So, interestingly enough, the lift isn't beeping today. Someone, no idea who or when or how, silenced it.

    I looked out the window this morning because I could hear an engine, and I wanted to see if it was the lift so I would know I needed to put my headphones on. It was the lift, of course. They were moving it into place to start working. And it wasn't beeping. Later my partner told me the power had been unplugged to the beeping mechanism.

    My first reaction for about half a second was relief. Then it turned to rage. I've been tormented by this stupid thing for over a week now. I lost a day to a full-blown migraine. About a week ago I told one of the homeowners that it was triggering me. Why did I have to do this for a week?

    And they all have migraine as well. The whole family. But no other phonophobes, except my partner, who is triggered by typewriters of all things.

    I know I should let it go, but I'm angry about being left to suffer at all.

    I am, however, grateful that I don't have to worry about the beeping anymore.

    Thanks again for letting me rant.

    1. Hi Georgiana,

      I hear you!! Losing time to migraine disease is frustrating, to say the least.

      I am thrilled to hear the beeping has stopped - that's great news!

      Here's to fewer migraine attacks!

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