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BOLO for Ingredient Changes in Items You've Purchase for Ages!

Be-on-the-Lookout for Items that you've been purchasing at the market for some years, having already paid attention to the ingredient list and were happy with it/them. My husband and I have made an eye-opening discovery in the last 3-4months regarding, specifically, TJ's. This chain has bought into the "Sea Salt Mania Marketing" scam and has its vendors adding SEA SALT into products that I've been purchasing for years without sea salt. Because I trusted the food items, I had no need to re-check the ingredient labels. This resulted in I don't know how many huge spikes in my chronic migraine pain. I'm just coming down off of a 28 day spike (in my 35th year of chronic migraine). Frankly, I'm furious on 2 accounts. I'm furious that TJ's has bought into the sea salt mania, as sea salt can have up to 78 different elements (not Periodic Table Elements), many of which are "garbage" elements, acting as perfect triggers for us who are uber sensitive to it. For me - It takes only 3-4 minutes to react to it. And, secondly, the same goes for the addition of modified food/corn starch, where previously another ingredient served the same purpose.
Of all the shopping we used to do at TJ's, I'd honestly say that out tab is down 80%. **Please start re-reading your food ingredient levels!

  1. Hi sfnative,

    Thank you for sharing that with us. Some of us have strong food triggers, while others don't. Good to be on the look out for those that trigger nasty migraine attacks.

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. Definately. Between migraines, allergies and nearly every family member having food intolerances we read lables always. Grocery shopping takes a long time!

      Thanks for the reminder

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