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Botox Advice

I’m scheduled next month for Botox. Any advice prior to treatment? Has it been successful?

I take Aimovig also for about 7 months. Decreased my migraines by about 2-3 a month from 28-25 a month. I have tried everything! Help!

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  1. Hi thank you for sending this question. Botox treatment has many varying experiences among those living with migraine, but also many success stories here within the community. Many within the community have shared that it is always helpful to give Botox treatments 2-3 rounds of treatment before deciding whether or not it works. Did you know that there are 31 injection sites on the scalp and that you can ask your medical provider to use lidocaine cream about 10 minutes before the procedure? Here is a link to Katie's 5 step explanation of what to expect:! -Lawrence ( Team)

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