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Botox Injections...

I started on botox injections in May of this year, with my second one being in August. I was a few days late in getting my second injection due to switching to a new neurologist. My next botox injection will be in November. I'm still struggling with some headaches, which I have my rescue meds for. Those include Naratriptan (by itself) and if that doesn't help I have Fioricet/Tylenol-3, which I take together. What has been other's experiences with botox?


  1. Hi Korey,

    Thank you for sharing your Botox journey with us. It's not uncommon to have three even four rounds of Botox before we see a noticeable difference in our migraine attack frequency and severity. I noticed a difference after my third round. Any my abortives seem to work a bit better.

    It's important to keep on top of our migraine attack triggers as well. Botox isn't a "cure" but used for migraine prevention, so staying away from our triggers (the ones we can avoid) is helpful.

    Will you keep us posted on your progress?

    1. Hi Korey,

      I was on a Botox like treatment plan for a while which had a lot of benefit, but then switched to Botox, which was better. It definitely takes a few weeks to kick in, and wears off before the three months are up, so getting the regular appointments are key. My neurologist has told me that the longer you do it, the better it goes, and that was true until my last does where we experimented with using less. That was an error.

      I have had to go through a lot of trial and error working out exactly what quantities to put where. It makes a big difference in my ability to keep my head upright properly for a few weeks (my injections are neck and shoulder), and it can be frustrating having to wait a few months to finesse the results. That said, my quality of life improves dramatically when it works, although I have muscle issues causing the migraines so I am getting double relief.

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