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Breaking the Fast: Headache

Hello, I am a newbie here, looking at posted questions, suggestions and success stories, I feel much gratitude to be part of the community. I have a problem that no matter what time I eat my first meal of the day, anywhere from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m it kicks off headache and fatigue. I have this problem for 15 years, I have tried many things, nothing seems to be working. Lately, I have been trying intermittent fasting, that I am not eating my first meal before 1.00 PM, so I am doing better, But not having the great level energy..! My blood sugar levels, and blood pleasure are normal. Recently my doctor told me that I have a slight variation in my thyroid bellow are my results FREE T4 1.19 ng/dL and TSH 6.110 u[IU]/mL, But am not sure is this concern.

  1. Hi welcome to the community! Identifying food-related triggers can be difficult, know that you are not alone in this. Have you had a chance to speak to a headache specialist recently that focuses on sleep and headache disorders? Here is a link to the Migraine Research Foundation to help you identify local headache specialist in your area: -Lawrence ( Team)

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