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Breastfeeding & Dehydration

I finally figure it that what causes by migraines postpartum while breastfeeding (I don't only have the migraines while nursing, but I do not have them while pregnant and after I wean my child), is dehydration.

Easy fix, right? Drink more water.

Apparently not. I feel like my body doesn't use the water I give it. I drink so much and still get migraines.

Any suggestions on how to stay better hydrated and how to make sure my body is using the water I give it?? I drink more, then I pee more. It seems like it all goes out! Meanwhile I'm still dehydrated.

  1. Hi elisa129,

    I'm not sure, to be honest. Are you keeping track of how much water you are drinking? Is it possible you think you are drinking more than you really are? That was the case for me. I now use a measured water bottle, so I know exactly how much I am drinking.

    If you haven't mentioned this to the doctor, that may be something to consider.

    Please keep us posted,

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