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Menopause & migraines

I've had migraines for thirty years. For the last eighteen years I have had transformed migraine. Now that I am going through menopause my migraines are worse. If you have gone through menopause what did you do that helped?


  1. When my mom went through menopause she stopped having migraines. When she was in her early 70's they started back. She had an intestinal blockage and they came back. She is now 78 and getting botox.

    1. Laura, I wish I had an answer for you. From my own experience I know that changes in hormones affect migraines and obviously menopause affects your hormone levels drastically. Does anyone know which hormone affects migraines the most?

      Rebecca, I must say I have heard of and experienced a link between intestinal problems and increase migraines not sure what that is about but I find it interesting.

      1. Cindy, I don't know if there is a link or not but I think it was the stress her body was under.

        1. Hi Laura,

          Welcome to the discussion forum. I'm sorry to hear your migraines have worsened along with menopause. I don't know if it will make you feel better, but I have some numbers on migraine and menopause I'd like to share with you. When women go through natural menopause some find their migraines get better while other find the exact opposite. THe breakdown goes like this; when a women goes through natural menopause,67% of them find there migraines improve while 9% find their migraines get worse and about 24% of them find no change in there migraines.

          When a woman goes through surgical menopause 33% of women find their migraines get better but 67% of women find their migraines get worse. That is just about the opposite of natural occurring menopause.

          Fluctuating hormones can very problematic for some with migraine. Here is information on this from Dr. Marcus;

          I hope some of that information is helpful,


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