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Migraines and neck pain

Most recently read from a few doctors that neck pain is a symptom of an oncoming migraine. For all these years I thought I had neck issues that were causing migraines, however, I heard it’s the other way around. Does any one else have any thoughts on this or your experience? I go to one of the best neurologist on the East Coast, just found her a few weeks back, and she told me this. After doing some research on the Internet from other doctors they say the same thing. Just really confused. I am going to start Botox for migraines in a few weeks and hope that this can help prevent it.

  1. Well, I think they are guessing as much as we are in some cases, it certainly can be that your neck is flaring up and causing the migraine, at least that’s the way it is for me I am pretty sure. I have had neck issues all my life because I have no natural shock absorbing curve and I played violin since I was seven until I was about 27 and then I slowly gave it up just because I was a busy young mother. And that Side that I hold the violin on was the first side I ever had a pinched nerve on during violin camp one summer. And it’s the side I primarily get my migraines on.

    1. Thank you Holly 😀

    2. Yikes indeed! Yes there is one hospital (in the Netherlands) who treat TOS. I can contact them. First I try botox to see what that does. Thank you Melissa, have a nice day 😀

  2. thank you so much for the response. That is why it’s so frustrating to me is because I just had surgery where I had discs removed in my neck, bone spurs removed and my spine and nerves were out of alignment. It has helped my migraines a lot, almost half, but I’m still getting them and that’s when another neurologist told me that the pain is not from my neck that gives me a migraine that the neck pain is a symptom of an oncoming migraine. Just really frustrating and I would like to figure it out but I guess I’ll just have to pray about it 😀

    1. This is interesting, I do notice neck pain prior to a migraine but I thought that’s what caused the migraine to start. I usually will take a 800 Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer at onset of the neck pain which most times stops the neck pain and migraine.

      1. Exactly. I am still confused about if my neck pain causes a migraine or if the neck pain is a precursor that a migraine attack is on it's way.

    2. Yes a new research in 2018 found that one of the biggest symptoms before migraine is neck pain. I was told the brain sends signals to the neck letting it know that there’s going to be pain and then that’s when you get the migraine. That is so wonderful you can take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. I tried both of them for years and they never work. 🙁. I do take sumatriptan and that really does help but I really want to try something that can actually prevent them. Thank you so much for your reply.

      1. Yes I have cervical dystonia too. I also had bone spurs and degenerated disc’s. Also the bone spurs were starting to crush my spinal cord. It’s not been fun lol can you please tell me your experience with Botox? I’m so praying that this helps.

      2. Fascinating that you also have CD. Botox is a well-known intervention for both CD and migraine - so it sounds like it will be worth your pursuing. I've been taking Botox injections for over 18 years now and they are a key part of my treatment strategy. The injections are many (most doctors do your upper shoulders, neck, scalp and forehead). Injection happens every three months. I definitely notice an uptick in frequency and severity of pain when I reach the 10 week mark post injection. Botox does have a savings/reimbursement plan if your insurance doesn't pay sufficiently.

        Here's a link to our many resources on Botox- a lot of which are community members sharing their experience with it:

        We join you in having fingers crossed that it gives you some relief. Please let us know how else we may support you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

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