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Bright Headlights Causing Migraines

Does anyone else get blinding headaches caused from driving at night? These new vehicles with these extremely bright LED headlights are triggering headaches almost daily when i drive at night now! I notice that Most New cars made within the last few years are the worse, almost intolerable. The new Jeeps, Dodge and Chevy Trucks, And import SUVS are the worse. I think the light intensity spectrum is causing them, I have even bought blue blocker glasses and i doesn't help. Does anyone else have this issue? I mean it's nice you can see 95 miles with these overkill headlights but they are causing issues for us with Migraine and headache sufferers. I have had several people i know who have Migraines, agree with me. What do you all think? Is there a solution? Thanks, -SteveIntense LED headlights

  1. , thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Many of us have light sensitivity as a factor in our migraine cycles. My husband suffers from this constantly, and the new lights on many vehicles are awful for him. He often moves his mirrors so he can't see the lights directly. Like you, he has tried special glasses with little to no help provided by them. Larger vehicles, even with 'normal' lights, are also a problem, and the sun's glare on some vehicles is problematic. It will be interesting to see what tips others here will chime in with to help with this! Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Hi Steve. I thought I would pass along a link to our archives with other articles about driving. Some are related to night driving, others not, but you may find them relevant to your situation.

      Glad you're here. This is an important topic and it's always worth talking about! -Melissa, team

      1. Hi Steve - I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with this too. I also struggle driving at night due to bright headlights, and it has started to become a major migraine trigger for me. I unfortunately haven't found a great solution to this yet, and I'm still trying to figure things out. I did recently learn that you can flip your rearview mirror to reduce the light shining into your eyes. I never knew this for the longest time until I was driving in the car with someone, and they pulled a little tab at the bottom of their rearview mirror and it flipped. The cars behind you go from being disgustingly bright to dark and shady. I don't know if you already knew this, but I just learned it recently, and it was a game changer for people who were driving behind me. In any event, please know you're not alone. This is a very real issue that some of us are grappling with. - Cody (Team Member)

        1. This has been my favorite trick! Whenever a powerful light shines behind me, day or night, I'll flip down that little tab. I know I try and avoid driving at night, especially during the rain, where sunglasses to avoid glare are simply unsafe. I just cross my fingers and will myself into getting to my destination safely. Though I would love something like the image I attached below. I saw it awhile ago and it's what I think of every time some high beams flash me into a tizzy! ~ Sawyer (team member)Reverse High Beams

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