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Burning in my head daily, is this common?

I have burning in my head a severe sunburn along with migraines daily. Is this common?

  1. Do you mean that the brain or maybe the meninges feels too warm? Kinda like radiating heat. Never thought of it as sunburn. Common feeling for me. It comes and goes probably daily or several times a week anyway. Don't remember frequency but it's going on now.

    1. Oh my gosh YES. Mine doesn't feel like a sunburn it is just a warm area at the top of my head. I have chronic migraine and my head is always warm. I also have trouble with getting really cold very easily so I don't use ice on my head very often but the cool relief of cold hands feels so good.

      1. I'm told it's a migraine, but none of the common migraine complaints. Burning from top if my head to temples to bridge of nose. Find it so difficult to work. Concentration is the worst. I always thought for the past 2 years it was from Botox I did for esthetic purposes? Now I'm thinking my dry eyes may have something to do with it. I get heart palpitations, but my echogram just showed old age stuff. Some White matter on brain, again old age stuff.

        Who's doc can answer the burning and what to do about it? I just want to cry. If I leave my PCs monitor it faids a bit. But sometimes it sticks around all day! Smells and light bother me a little. Thanks for reading! Now HELP!,, laura in Atlanta

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