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Okay, I have FINALLY found something that works. B2 did little for me. Medical Marijuana has not solved the problem. However, there are studies available that show that the herb butterbur is better than tylenol, advil or any other NSAID in eliminating the problem of migraines.

Migranon II is made by Flora. It's organic, but not cheap, about $13.00 CAD is the cheapest I can get it. You have to take it twice a day -- the capsules are 75 mg. But it works. It works. Relief. Freedom from migraines.

  1. Hi CarolA13,

    I'm so happy to hear you've found something that is helping reduce migraine attack frequency and severity - good for you!
    I bet you feel terrific!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays this way!


    1. Thank you. I decided to try butterbur. I've avoided it in the past because it can cause liver damage. But my doctor agreed and is going to check with blood tests as I use it. I've had chronic migraines for 60 years and am having rebound headaches triggered by another medication, so I'm trying to find an alternative way of stopping the cycle. I wanted to know a good brand and dosage, so you really helped.

      1. CarolA13 an jhhu- Are you both taking the butterbur daily as a preventative measure rather than an acute treatment? I tried it for a while, taking it at the onset of my migraines with moderate success but eventually moved on to trying other treatments and now I'm wondering if I should have been taking it daily for better results. Taking it just as needed, I felt it was about as effective as ibuprofen but I would have a mild, lingering headache for hours after the worst part was over which was just annoying.

        1. Happy migraine free days for you!
          May I ask where you buy the product? Is it safe for heart patients?

          Thank you for sharing!

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