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Cafergot & friends?

Hey all. I heard at some point that Cafergot was discontinued in the US, but does that mean that the only currently (2014) available ergotamine derivative is the Migranal spray?

It's a class I haven't had much experience with, but limited exposure to said nasal spray in the hospital makes me optimistic. The price, however, is terrifying (almost $500 for 3-6 vials, depending on retail v. mail-order, generic, and that's WITH insurance).

I can't use the triptans at all, so my abortive options seem really limited.

  1. You might try a compounding pharmacy. You will still need your doctor to write a prescription, but this may be the way to go. A compounding pharmacy will custom make the equivalent of Cafergot per your doctor's instructions. It's like having your own personal generic medicine.

    1. Thanks Tammy. I've emailed the one closest to me to see if they can do it. I tried maybe a year ago, and no one could get the ingredients, I guess?

      1. I have been using a compounding pharmacy to fill prescriptions for generic cafergot for about 3 years(in my home state). I just got it refilled about 2 months ago. The ingredients are available. Ergotamine is the active ingredient and it is used in more than one medication so it is still around.

        My suggestion is to talk to another compounding center directly and ask them if they can make it, what migraine meds they make, and where they are licensed to provide. Another useful migraine med that went off the market a few years ago but that can be compounded is generic "midrin"....your doctor should be familiar with it. I has helped many people.

        The new drugs do not work for me, so I have to use the "old" ones. They can be hard to find now.

        Good luck to you....I wish you well.

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