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Can I apply for disability due to my migraines?

  1. Yes, you can apply for disability on the basis of chronic migraine. You may be interested in reading Yes, Migraine IS a Disability. If this is an avenue that you'd like to pursue, you may find the information in Disability Incom Preparation Guide.Thanks for being part of our community! We're always here to share support and information.

    1. Yes, it is possible to apply for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and/or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) when disabled with migraine. To qualify for these benefits from the federal government, it's necessary to have worked the perquisite number of years and paid Social Security taxes. SSDI is for people who are medically disabled according to the Social Security Administration's (SSA) List of Impairments and SSI is granted to disabled people who have a reduced income. Each case is based on its individual merits but currently migraine is not on the impairment list. I can tell you there are a number of advocates who are actively trying to change that. Obtaining SSDI/SSI may not be an easy road and it's not uncommon to apply several times before being approved. In fact, when I applied for SSDI the first time, I was denied. I then enlisted the help of a lawyer who specializes in SSDI cases and won. It is imperative that your doctor be 100% on board with the application process. This involves your medical and work history, including medical records, tests, and image studies or anything that applies to the above. We have more information about this process in our Disability section you can find here;

      1. Yes, you can apply for social security and/or disability based on migraines. I would highly encourage to keep track of your daily struggles in an app or journal. I personally used MigraineBuddy app.. I have had migraines since age 5, they became chronic intractible at 16. I am now almost 48 in a month. I started my disability case in 2010 with attorney. It was just approved this month, July 2017. I had to keep living my life the very best I could during this process, whether it be trying to work in some capacity and continue my search for methods that could give me some pain relief.
        If any of you fellow migraine sufferers decide to apply for disibility, please be prepared for the process, it can be lengthy.

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