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can migraine cause a sudden severe drop in Blood Pressure.?

I was diagnosed by. neuro as having vasovagal syncope triggered by migraine. They are infrequent episodes and, can be up to a year apart. My BP has been 68/45 Maybe lower I don't know. I end up on the floor and can't get up dor 20 minutes to an hour afterwards. It takes an entire day to recover. I have no head pain. I have never heard of a migraine causing your blood pressure to crash. I do not normally even have low BP. Has anyone heard of this?

  1. Hi,

    My understanding of vasovagal syncope, which may father has, can be triggered by severe pain, fear of getting hurt, choking (as President Bush did on a pretzel) and many other things.

    It's not uncommon for our blood pressure to increase during an attack. Having said that, anytime our body has extreme changes, a migraine can be triggered. You may want to investigate this further and see another doctor for a second opinion.


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